Monday, October 12, 2009

The Pros

Below you'll find excerpts from my students' comments regarding the potential benefits of a paperless classroom:

“I think it would be good for us to do this because a lot of students would actually want to do their work because they would be using something that they like…We wouldn’t have to worry about students trying to talk over other students to answer or ask questions, and the students wouldn’t have to worry about raising their hands for a long time just to ask or answer a question.” – 10th grade

“Students would WANT to learn if we had more technology in the classroom.” – 12th grade

“It can motivate the students to do their work” – 10th grade

“More creative learning…” – 10th grade

“We can use video/digital cameras to have video diaries and to record class lectures if a student is absent.” – 12th grade

“Some benefits are not using any paper, not having to hand write so much, using less trees, and not having to spend so much money on supplies.” -10th grade

“We can use blogs to talk about books or give feedback on different things. We can use an online wiki for our word wall and notes.” – 10th grade

“We would be able to research things more without leaving the classroom.” – 10th grade

“…we would have more fun, and it would interest us.” – 10th grade

“Teachers will get to spend their money on field trips instead of buying extra stuff for students and buying tons of markers and other things for themselves.” – 12th grade

“You could have hands-on experience that’ll prepare you for the world or a certain job.” – 10th grade

“No one going to sleep. No one skips class. Everyone has fun.” – 10th grade

“We could multitask with laptops…Our ability to accomplish work could be multiplied tenfold.” – 12th grade

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