Friday, February 12, 2010

Goal #4: Support a New Blogger

I cannot begin to express how exciting it was to get my first blog follower and first comments! It is immensely satisfying to feel as though you're beginning to connect with others who care about doing this job and doing it well :)

So it's time to pass a bit of that on. I encourage anyone who may read this to check out the following new bloggers:

A New Teacher of English
My intern just began this blog yesterday to write about her last semester as a pre-service teacher and the beginning of her teaching career. She's also building her PLN at Twitter as @maporch.

The Prof's Page
She's Frenchie to me, and this is her first year teaching. I've seen this new blogger in action in the classroom, and she's good! She's also just started the 30 Goals Challenge. Check out her blog or follow @theprofspage on Twitter.


  1. Thanks, Anglais! Enjoy our snow day!

  2. You know me...I'm like a sheep when following blogs!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to these great blogs! I just subscribed to them!