Friday, November 6, 2009

Students' First Impressions

To check the temperature of the class as we've been getting started with the paperless project, I had my students post their first impressions. Here are some of their comments:

"Being able to type up your work on the computer is definitely a lot better than having to sit in front of a few sheets of paper and hand write everything. It's also much faster and more efficient. Using laptops, we can have several websites with relevant information open at once, saving a lot of time that would usually be spent researching the topics separately...."

"It was a bit difficult setting up all the different accounts and learning the process of what goes where and in what format, but once you get past the initial learning curve, it's a pretty smooth ride. In short, since everything else in the world is going digital, classrooms should probably be the next thing to make the transition."

"I like the idea of not using paper, and using technology to teach us. it also helps us learn more about using computers. Getting everyone set up was a bit difficult at first, and there also was the problem of the computers failing at times."

"I really like that I don't have to mess with my composition notebook anymore because it is almost ready to fall apart. I really haven't encountered anything that has made me upset at all so far. Personally, I prefer the paperless class room because I hate carrying around a ton of books."

"It's a lot easier for me. I type a lot faster than I write.I haven't had any problems with anything. I prefer paperless. I would much rather carry around a laptop than a bunch of books."

"The only thing that I have found frustrating was the logging in process, but after you (Mrs. Hammonds) fixed it, then everything was okay. I prefer paperless classroom! Less paper, less binders, and less pencils!"

"I have so far enjoyed the paperless classroom. I don't like having to write, and it's easier to focus with a computer than a text book....I don't like how difficult it was to get everything running, but we got through that so it's good now. I like this way more than the traditional class..."

"I like this approach because it is a different way to do things rather than the traditional way and plus it is way more fun to come to class. With me, I haven't found anything difficult because mine seems to run just fine with the wireless." internet."

"Because I like to do new things, the paperless classroom really excites me...
Twitter and blogging have been interesting."

"What I like about this approach is that it's something new and I think more classes should try it. I also really enjoy it. It was difficult to get everyone up and running on all the programs we will be using. I honestly prefer a paperless class because once every gets set up and flowing smooth, it will be easier to do the work and I think the class actually enjoy this paperless experience more."

"I think the most difficult part was getting logged into the class wiki, which was easily solved by making a Gmail account."

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